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GrIN Growth is a specialized Agency on Growth Actions that create a competitive advantage, on Green and Innovative Ecosystems, Systems and Solutions, operating with a Network of different entities, experts, individuals of multi-disciplinary to handle various tasks required to finish a project.
We design and implement projects of a developmental model, supported by initiatives to strengthen the targeted result.
We build business growth through environmental paths and innovative directions for effective structures and infrastructures on a frame of development services.
In partnership with established brands and in collaboration with a network of experts from around the world, we support green innovative growth in the market.
We achieve our plan by upgrading through assets enhanced by an extremely dynamic, multiplier targeting the future.

Walking Through The Processing Of Customer Data
Experienced professionals are always ready to provide reliable services to our customers. We start from a detailed record of the data, the needs of each project, and a preliminary design presented to the client. This is finalised after its approval, and we proceed to the phase in which the implementation study is prepared.


Our scope is to develop penetration in every field of our client’s interest, through a long term commitment and an innovative sustainable attitude,  into his leading business activity. We are driven by our priority to establish high-quality teams to achieve an efficient, environmentally friendly operation, equipped with technologically superior solutions.

High Technology

Technology has no limits, where it starts from is indefinable, and its course is evolving. We follow it and evaluate it together to implement it effectively


Services Strategy

Services embrace and keep pace with the evolution of technology, and we redefine their impact with strategic criteria, achieving the expected performance


Services Launching

A continuous and detailed recording of needs as they are shaped by the projects, leads to the creation of a bouquet of new services




We help our clients develop the nascent green infrastructure within the market. There’s still a long way to go to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement and it is an indisputable fact that more needs to be done. Countries need to adopt stronger policies and more thorough regulations to encourage green investment. Companies need to set higher goals and adapt their businesses to significantly reduce their environmental impact. Individuals need to adjust their lifestyles. These actions need to align within the context of the 4th industrial revolution, but also with the demands of the market.

Customers are now informed. They seek and select services & products that promote green and sustainable development, which is rewarded by networks that highlight respect for the environment.

Additionally, the ESGs pull companies in the direction of Green Innovative Entrepreneurship, of Sustainable Development.

“E is our focus… Environment, Energy, Economy, Equity, Emissions, Education, ESG”.

ESG: A Roadmap to Corporate Responsibility and Risk Management

ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, is a set of criteria increasingly used by banks, funds, and the European Union, to evaluate the impact of business operations on sustainability and ethical practices.

Environmental factors assess a company's efforts to minimize its energy, waste, emissions, water and biodiversity footprint and promote sustainable practices.

Social considerations focus on a company's relationships with employees, suppliers and broader societal impacts, emphasizing issues such as diversity, labour practices, and community engagement.

Governance pertains to the internal structures and controls that guide a company's decision-making processes, including transparency, accountability, and ethical standards.

Embracing ESG principles enables businesses to not only mitigate risks associated with environmental, governance and social issues but also foster long-term resilience, funding from investors, compliance to EU Laws, positive public perception, and stakeholder trust in their operations.



The green transition of our customers has two goals: reducing energy costs and reducing the environmental footprint. Both goals strengthen the activity of our client, financially and in terms of business prestige, but also in his image towards his own clients. It is important that the design of the energy transition takes into account all of the above in order to achieve maximum efficiency for our customer. The core of our operation is to compose the strongest team of a green innovative project, through a network of  companies whose expertise and specialization will be channeled in each project we undertake. The scientific team of our network analyses and processes relevant to each project data, in order to include in the implementation the characteristic that will create a long term USP in our customer.

The elements that are crucial for the first mapping of an energy transition project (autonomus systems, net zero or nearly zero energy hotels, projects in industrial roofs, mixed solar and wind investments, energy saving plans) are:

Region, city, square area, square meters of buildings, age of constructions, land use, business activity, electricity bills



Guided by the protection, upgrading and sustainable management of the environment that will lead to an increase in the quality of life, in recent years the transition to an environmentally friendly economy, through the implementation of programs inspired by the principles and practices of sustainable development is imperative.



New opportunities for growth:

> Zero waste consumption
> Reduction of footprint and solid waste 
> Reduction of overwhelming pollution 
> Greater resource productivity
> More competitive economy
> Better address emerging resource security/scarcity issues in the future
> Less environmental impact from production and consumption 



Our orientation is the composition of an organized, self-financed energy transition plan, which will be drafted and implemented by a consortium of experts. The above trunk is the main frame  focused on the energy transition, and it is a given that this core can and should be strengthened by additional actions of the Circular Economy and the necessities of the 4th Industrial Revolution



The vision of those who will act in a coordinated, scientific and pioneering manner has as a starting point to channel every resource, knowledge, experience and research, with a view to the transition of each economic unit to a new era and its emergence internationally, as well as of its individual parts, maximizing the dynamics of the projects



With careful, confidential and responsible planning and implementation, each of our customers will be progressively empowered with projects that will aim to have the overall result commensurate with the new era of Greece, but also with International developments



The continuation of every beginning, from planning to execution, is driven by strategy and innovative growth
◇International Growth Strategy
◇Optimization Strategy
◇Workplace Strategy
□Innovative Technologies
□EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)
□Value Engineering
《Customer Growth Journey 
《Customer Experience Design
《User Experience Design and Functionality Analysis
《Sustainable Architectural Design
《Structural Analysis and Design
《Health and Wellness Design



Innovation especially in the sectors with demanding expectations is a feature that customers are looking for.

We are constantly improving our competitive advantage through exclusivity, incentives, and innovative proposals, with the objective of customer satisfaction.

  • System Design
  • Implementation
  • Education

  • Repair Station
  • SSLA

  • Audio Visual
  • Projection Mapping
  • Digital Signage
  • Content Management
  • Teleconference & Collaboration Systems 

  • Automation Systems
  • BGM Sound
  • Public Address
  • FOH Sound Stage Manager's Desk & Intercom Systems

  • Content Production
  • Video Post Production Services
  • Audience Measurement Systems

Integration Services

  • Location Based Services
  • IoT Triggered Services
  • Automation Systems
  • Congress Systems
  • Smart Solutions
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Visualization Systems 



Access | Safety | Automation | Interconnection | Coding | Collection | Digital Data Management | Control | Performance Management | Ticketing 


We are strongly committed in our goal to show maximum respect for the environment, promoting well-being, and ensuring safety.

Wellness, health and safety are prerequisites for the visitors’ choice. By innovating in these areas with know-how obtained through our global network, we help build new experiences to attract customers.



Our priority is the development of quality hospitality that exceeds international standards, through cutting-edge technology, unprecedented design, and strong research and development.

We aspire to launch pioneering systems and solutions at affordable prices, which deliver customer satisfaction.



Grin Growth network helps processing factories optimize their operation, and improve their competitiveness and business prospects. Objectives of our Involvement are

>Maximum Productivity at minimum Cost

>Less Materials and Energy Consumption

>Better Quality, less Waste

>Lower Carbon Footprint, less effluents/ emissions

Optimization is achieved through

>Sophisticated Software Solutions 

>Assisted -if needed- through focused

>Process Technology Transfer and Re-engineering Projects



Our recognized expertise in Business Development, combined with our engagement in Real Estate Development and ability to identify business opportunities that exceed expectations, created trust and confidence with our business partners.

From this starting point, we apply our unique effective strategy and methodology for reaching great deals. In this way we strengthen our market position and provide development services which highlight the value of the great opportunities, from both an operational and investment point of view.



Achieving the goals requires strong and dynamic assets. Our long-term presence in the market, the experience and know-how, the strong relations with the best brands, the constantly evolving network, and the competitive advantage from the penetration of our network in the industries in which we specialize are strengthened by the extroversion provided by our communication channels and the concepts that we design and implement for our customers.



Experience TV: Experiences are presented to the customers of a Brand through a technologically innovative and customized environment, with relevant methodology and content.

Touch Scan Points:  Touch an Experience, Enjoy an Experience.



Management through special platforms makes the operation of hotel units efficient. The benefit is manifold – as a performance and mainly in terms of the service and the image that you perceive the customer, since we know exactly his/her profile through CRM software, which offers data targeted in efficient and effective methods.

Extroversion is any form of experience that you can offer to your visitor, through in-depth knowledge and management of information, but also the unique contact with him during his stay.



The new digital customer/traveller/visitor: The internet connects us in more ways than we know. It allows us to travel long distances with just a few swipes and clicks, and to select and live whatever experience we dream of. The digital era is changing the way consumers plan and implement their desires, thus changing their behaviour. Knowing this behaviour change can help you improve your business digital marketing strategy.



The merging of main factors, based on a structured strategy and framed by a network of experts, internationally recognized for green, innovative development, is such a simple component of our success.



The National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability, aspires to lead the country – economy, society and institutions – in a new era. To trigger a fundamental change in economic model to a more extroverted, competitive and Green productive model, with more efficient and Digitized state, less bureaucratic, with drastically reduced informal economy, with tax development-friendly system and a quality and efficient social protection network, accessible to all. This is not just an economic transition. The goal is to become fundamentally financial and social reforms, which will affect not only economic activity but also Technologies, mentalities and institutions. 

A transition that combines economics efficiency through Innovation and Digital Modernization with Environmental protection, social cohesion and justice.



Keeping Nature in the Evolution of Technology and Innovation.

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With Natural Materials We Create Business Value.



How to Strengthen Human Intelligence by Artificial Intelligence and vice versa to Achieve a Solid Growth.



A great plan for using the internet of things empowers the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.



Business continuity is an invaluable asset as it secures a company's reputation and trustworthiness towards customers, employees, partners and shareholders.


Each Case Is Unique In a Green, Innovative, Developmental Approach